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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide clients with solutions to the personal and financial challenges of aging and disability. We offer our clients a safe place to tell their stories, then provide experienced legal counseling as well as access to community resources which can assist with other needs. The firm is committed to serving our community through pro bono services to the poor, public education and advocacy. We lead the way by seeking change in public policies that benefit older persons and those with disabilities.

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Planning for Incapacity

The phrase “planning for incapacity” refers to meeting with an attorney and preparing the legal documents which would be needed in the event an accident or illness left you without the ability to pay your bills, manage your finances or attend to other business and personal matters.

The most significant decision to be made is the selection of the person who will make decisions while you are unable to do so. This person is variously known as “agent”, “surrogate” “trustee”, “attorney-in-fact”, etc., but regardless of the title, each person exercising responsibility for another individual has a duty of loyalty, trust and reasonable prudence. Keep in mind the capabilities and weaknesses of those to whom you might entrust responsibility, regardless of your affection for them, or your desire to treat your family “equally”. Common sense should prevail in the naming of any important decision maker. Equally important is the need to inform the individual that there may come a time when he or she may have to serve, and to communicate your personal wishes, and the location of important documents and papers.

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